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Effect and use of pulse diode laser therapy devices

The Impulse Diode Therapy Laser is a veterinary treatment system for laser therapy on small and large animals. It is a class 3b laser. The lasers are therefore also approved in tournament sports nationally or internationally.

What is laser therapy?

Laser therapy is a form of therapy that is side-effect- and painless, can be used for all acute and chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system, which is becoming increasingly popular, as a complementary therapy method.

Laser therapy is a form of treatment with energetic light that penetrates deep into the tissue and initiates healing processes there, in addition to an increase in blood circulation and analgesic effect.

Due to the high penetration depth of the impulse-diode therapy laser into the soft tissue, the degradation products of the metabolism, which are responsible for the pain, are eliminated more quickly and the improved blood circulation situation ensures a rapid removal of these substances. This can significantly shorten the healing phase.

Some of the laser energy is also converted into chemical reaction energy, whereby molecules are directly stimulated by the transmission of electrons and indirectly by the formation of oxygen radicals. This results in an increase in the activity of energy metabolism, which is called “biostimulation”.

Laser therapy is a highly effective alternative to drug treatment.


Excellent results are achieved in the treatment of tendon diseases and shackle damage, chronic diseases, muscular problems and acute injuries. Laser therapy is doping-free and can therefore be used in tournament sports and for rehabilitation and profile axe.

Laser therapy opens up new ways to save on pain medications, reduce side effects and prevent expensive, high-risk operations.

When is the pulse diode therapy laser used?

The field of application of the impulse diode therapy laser is wide-ranging, starting with prevention, acute medicine, post-surgery treatment, rehabilitation and sports physiotherapy.

Indication of large animals:

  • Soft tissue injuries (tendons, shackles, capsules, ligaments)
  • Degenerative joint diseases of the supporting and musculoskeletal system (Arthorse, also acute)
  • Fascia bonding
  • Muscular tension
  • Laser acupuncture
  • Use for implants and prostheses, including gold acupuncture
  • Circulatory disorders in the tissue
  • Scar treatment (disturbing and hypersensitivity)
  • Training preparation for sports and leisure
  • Swinging substances
  • RAC pulse diagnostics

Pulse Diode Therapy Laser Multiprog MP 2520 Mobile Phone Laser - Acupuncture and Small Areas

Bio-Medical-Systems manufactures impulse diode lasers for more than 40 years. Since 1978, the devices have been continuously developed and improved. The Multiprog family has different systems ranging from lasers for micro surface/acupuncture to combination devices where a laser shower or a hand probe can be connected.

Our therapy system is easy to handle. Thanks to their high user-friendliness and robust construction, the impulse diode lasers are used both indoors and outdoors.

It is used both in the veterinary and human fields.


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