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Magnetic therapy

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  • The MDMS 2010 is a pulsating magnetic field system for "horses" / "small animals" that generates an electromagnetic field. It is a holistic therapy system that works over the entire organism. The control unit is battery-powered and designed for use in the barn, shock-resistant, splash-proof, and easy to use. The field of application of the pulsating magnetic field ceiling is very versatile, ranging from prophylaxis, training support to rehabilitation, chronic discomfort and acute pain therapy. Here the great advantage of magnetic field therapy is that there is no thermal heating of the organism (athermal therapy form) just as with laser therapy.

    Pulsating magnetic field system with magnetic field ceiling for horses

    Magnetic field therapy for your horse - with the pulsating magnetic field system MDMS 2010 this is no problem watch our video. We would be happy to advise you in detail on our product.
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  • The MDMS 2010, a pulsating magnetic field system with magnetic field mat for small animals, generates an electromagnetic field that swings through the entire body. Pulsating magnetic field therapy is an athermal form of therapy that does not lead to the heating of the tissue. As a result, pulsating magnetic field therapy as well as laser therapy with laser shower can also be used in inflammatory diseases.

    Pulsating magnetic field system with magnetic field mat for small animals

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