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Therapy laser

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  • You already receive with the basic equipment an immediately ready-to-use high-quality multiprog therapy laser. With the included transport case, your therapy laser is always well stowed. In addition, we offer optional optional optional accessories for the useful addition of your therapy laser, about which we are happy to inform you.
  • Charging and power supply:

    Your Multiprog therapy laser is equipped with a charger and a power supply, but you can reorder a charger or power supply (MP2510 and MP 2610 Duo only) at any time. For battery maintenance, the charger automatically discharges the batteries before each charging process. When using your Multiprog therapy laser in mains operation, the battery is not used.
  • You can reorder a handsonde for your Multiprog therapy laser at any time. The hand probe is supplied with a detachable acupuncture tip and an attachment for swinging.
  • Optionally, you can use laser safety goggles incl. Order a case. Order the laser safety goggles directly with your Multiprog.
  • Laser shower for surface therapy with removable comb attachment

    You can reorder a laser shower for your Multiprog therapy laser at any time. Depending on the design and wishes, you can reorder a pulse diode/ or a CW laser shower. Please note that the use of the CW laser shower is only possible in conjunction with the Multiprog MP 2610 Duo. The laser shower comes with a removable comb attachment.
  • The Multiprog MP 2510 is an impulse diode therapy laser with a wavelength of 904 nm. The laser is equipped with a separate battery-powered control unit and is thus ideally suited for mobile use. Use it for laser therapy with laser shower (surface therapy) or with the hand probe for laser acupuncture to treat small areas.

    Laser therapy with laser shower

    with the Multiprog MP 2510 this is no problem watch our video:
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  • The pulse diode therapy laser Multiprog MP 2520 is a therapy laser with a wavelength of 904 nm. The laser is equipped with a battery and is suitable for acupuncture or the very small area. The pulse diode therapy laser Multiprog MP 2520 comes with accessories in a practical transport case.
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  • The therapy gaiters for your pulsating magnetic field system MDMS 2010 are used for intensive treatment on the leg apparatus or can be used in the overlay cover in the shoulder and knee area. Furthermore, the gaiters can be used in conjunction with the neck part. The therapy gaiters are covered with a washable cotton cover. You can also order the gaiters individually.
  • The cover for the pulsating magnetic field system MDMS 2010 for horses is equipped with special pockets in the back, shoulder and knee area. The bags serve as guidance for the individual applicators and for the control unit. You can order the cover in various sizes 135cm or 145 (special sizes for pony, cold blood and gang horses available). All overlay covers can be washed at 30° and are produced in Germany.


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