Magnetic field device MDMS 2010 Human

The pulsating magnetic field therapy device MDMS 2010 offers 5 preset programs for different therapy programs:

  • three stimulating programmes, an acute programme and a wellness programme
  • manual setting of the resonance programs
  • manual adjustment of the individual frequencies of:
    • Frequency from 1.0 – 100Hz, infinitely adjustable
    • Intensity of 10-100% adjustable in 10 steps
    • Time of 5-60 minutes, infinitely adjustable


Equipment features MDMS 2010:

  • Easy to use
  • easy therapy execution
  • versatile field of application
  • Easy and fast cleaning
  • Power supply
  • high output power up to 3.5 mT

Scope of delivery Basic equipment:

  • Control unit made of stable aluminium housing
  • Power supply
  • Pulsating magnetic field mat 180 x 80cm, effect size 120 x 240cm
  • optional 2x intensive applicator for joint application
  • Operating and therapy instructions
  • Transport bag

To make a useful addition to your basic equipment, we also offer optional optional special accessories:

Intensive applicator:

  • The intensive applicators for your pulsating magnetic field system MDMS 2040 Human are used for intensive treatment in the area of the joints.
  • The intensive applicators are covered with a washable cotton cover.

Comfort mat:

  • The pulsating comfort mat has a size of 180 x 80 cm and is covered with a disinfectable latex cover.
  • The magnetic field generated by the control unit has an effective size of 120 x 240 cm.

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