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Pulse Diode Laser MP 2510 Horse / Small Animal

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Pulse Diode Laser MP 2510 Horse / Small Animal

The Multiprog MP 2510 is an impulse diode therapy laser with a wavelength of 904 nm. The laser is equipped with a separate battery-powered control unit and is thus ideally suited for mobile use. Use it for laser therapy with laser shower (surface therapy) or with the hand probe for laser acupuncture to treat small areas.

Laser therapy with laser shower

with the Multiprog MP 2510 this is no problem watch our video:

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Programmes for
Laser therapy with laser shower:

Normal program for individual setting:

  • Frequency from 1 to 10,000 Hz infinitely adjustable (pulse laser)
  • Activate or disable alpha frequency
  • Amplitude = power from 10% to 100% in 10 steps
  • Time: 1 to 300 seconds adjustable

Sweep TCM program:

  • With abundance (inflammatory and neuralgic indications) the frequency changes between 960Hz (-50%) and 480Hz independently.
  • For emptiness (degenerative processes), the base frequency changes from 3,200 Hz (+/-50%) Independently. The resonance range is 1600 Hz to 4,800 Hz).

The interval time is 30 seconds each.

Acupuncture programs:

  • Programs to Bahr
  • Bahr Chakren
  • Programs according to Nogier
  • Programs by Reininger
  • Programs according to Elias


  • Easy to use
  • intuitive operation
  • versatile field of application
  • Easy and fast cleaning
  • long-lasting and robust production
  • developed for the mobile sector
  • Battery and mains operation
  • Laser class 3b
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • 24-month warranty
  • Update capable at any time


  • Control unit with battery (running time approx. 3.5 hrs and power supply)
  • Pulse hand probe for acupuncture and micro surface with acupuncture tip and attachment for swinging
    Wavelength 904 nm, pulse peak power max. 120 watts per pulse
  • Pulse laser shower for surface therapy with removable comb attachment
    Wavelength 904 nm, pulse peak power max. 120 watts per diode per pulse
  • Shoulder bag for control unit
  • Transport suitcases
  • Therapy and user manual

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