Pulsating magnetic field systems in human medicine

Pulsating magnetic field systems have been coming to the Human medicine for use. They are used to treat various parts of the body using electrically generated magnetic currents or magnetic fields. One also speaks of pulsating magnetic field therapy. The aim of this therapy is to alleviate various ailments, from muscular problems to pain and inflammation.

Pulsating magnetic field systems made in Germany

Bio Medical Systems has been manufacturing first-class therapy systems for over 40 years. We have also developed our pulsating magnetic field systems for human medicine ourselves and produced all components here in Germany. The Magnetic field device MDMS 2010 Human is suitable, for example, for individual body parts as well as for whole-body therapy. It is a magnetic field mat measuring 190 x 80 cm on which users can stretch out comfortably. With the optionally expandable Intensive applicators the joints of the arms and legs can be treated in a focused manner. The pulsating magnetic field system is used via an easy-to-use control unit.

In addition to the power supply and control unit, the scope of delivery also includes a transport bag and detailed instructions for use and therapy methods.

Pulsierendes Magnetfeldsystem

How the pulsating magnetic field systems work

Pulsating magnetic field systems generate a pulsating electromagnetic field . The vibrations of this field spread throughout the body and painlessly and harmlessly penetrate any type of tissue – even the bones. But the tissue is not heated by the radiation. It is thanks to this fact that pulsed magnetic field therapy can be used to treat inflammation. There is also no interaction with metal. Surgical screws, plates or medical wires have no influence on the magnetic field treatment.

The aim of this form of therapy is to bring disrupted electrical processes in the body back into balance. The magnetic current is said to trigger pain-relieving effects and inhibit inflammation. Magnet therapy is also attributed to improving the oxygen supply to the cells. Possible effects are improved healing of various injuries or faster recovery after surgery. The immune system should also be strengthened by the therapy with the pulsating magnetic field.

The pulsating magnetic field system MDMS-2010 Human is used in sports physiotherapy, in the build-up phase after operations or for purely preventive purposes.

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