Questions & answers about laser therapy and magnetic field therapy systems2022-03-10T10:49:03+01:00

Frequently asked questions and answers about pulse diode therapy laser and pulsating magnetic field therapy systems:

How long does it take to repair my system?2020-10-23T13:07:17+02:00

approx. 8 to 10 business days

Can I finance the devices of Bio-Medical-Systems?2020-10-23T13:07:16+02:00

Yes, rental purchase and leasing

Does Bio-Medical-Systems sell used equipment?2020-10-23T13:06:05+02:00


Is there a warranty on the products?2020-10-21T11:59:08+02:00

Yes, 24 months without consumables

Where are the products made?2020-10-21T11:58:47+02:00

Exclusively in Germany!

Do I get spare parts for my products?2020-11-10T15:35:42+01:00
My Bio-Medical-Systems device is defective.2020-10-21T11:58:07+02:00

In the event of a defect, contact the pulse diode therapy laser
or pulsating magnetic field therapy systems.
our service by phone: +49 (0)611-719091
or use our Sevice form

Does Bio-Medical-Systems also deliver abroad?2020-10-21T11:58:01+02:00

Yes,we supply our pulse diode therapy lasers
and pulsating magnetic field therapy systems worldwide

Where can I order Bio-Medical-Systems products?2020-10-21T11:57:00+02:00

Directly with us.

Bio-Medical-Systems BMS GmbH
Lehrer-Grimm-Strasse 10
65205 Wiesbaden

Phone: +49 (0)611-719091
Fax: +49 (0)611-719137

Email: [email protected]


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