Treat infected wound with laser therapy

Treat infected wound with laser therapy after chip surgery

The pulsed diode therapy laser can be used in horses to treat infected tissue. One example is the long history of suffering of a horse that had to deal with germs in the wound after chip surgery . The laser therapy was part of the healing of the horse in question, which was hardly considered possible.

The so-called “chips” are not implanted microchips. As horses grow, tiny bone chips can occur in the area of the joints . These splinters are called chips and can sometimes migrate in the joint, causing severe pain or inflammation. In fact, complaints often only appear in adulthood and only then lead to the discovery of the splinters. It was the same with this horse.

Chip removal and treatment of the resulting inflammation

The mare in question initially attracted attention due to severe lameness . Since the condition persisted, a scintigraphy was done at the animal hospital. The initial diagnosis was massive bone trauma to the heel bone. The bone trauma was treated in the clinic with shock wave therapy. However, the scintigraphy also led to the discovery of a chip , which was removed directly.

This is where the real story of suffering began, as germs remained in the surgical wound. The infection spread and manifested itself in severe swelling and large areas of inflamed skin . A four-month pit rest did nothing to improve the situation.

Other treatment approaches by various veterinarians included the injection of hyaluronic acid and bisphosphonates – with only short-term success – and re -shoeing of the rear hooves. The horse was prescribed light exercise , which only slightly improved the situation. At this point, the owner decided to consult a therapist who offers laser therapy.

Treatment with the impulse diode therapy laser

Laser therapy with the pulse diode therapy laser is also called laser acupuncture because it affects the same acupuncture points as the classic method with needles. However, the therapy laser is completely injury-free and pain -free, as it sends bundled pulses of light deep into the treated tissue. The cells are supposed to absorb new energy in order to activate their self-healing powers.

After four weeks of laser therapy, the inflammation had practically disappeared – only a small amount of swelling remained. This also disappeared within a few weeks after the therapy. The treated horse was able to move freely and pain-free again. After a long history of suffering, a complete healing was brought about in a comparatively short time. We see this as a further indication of the effectiveness of the pulsed diode therapy laser in horse therapy

Nach Chip-OP infizierte Wunde per Lasertherapie behandeln

Photo from winter 2018 after chip surgery, skin was extremely inflamed

Nach Chip-OP infizierte Wunde per Lasertherapie behandeln

Spring 2019 Skin has healed but the leg is still too fat

Nach Chip-OP infizierte Wunde per Lasertherapie behandeln

Photo of my leg after four weeks of therapy at the Katharinenhof

Nach Chip-OP infizierte Wunde per Lasertherapie behandeln

Photo of the leg after eight weeks at home

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