Treating circulatory disorders in horses

Treating circulatory disorders in horses with laser therapy

The assumption that circulatory disorders in horses can be treated with the impulse diode therapy laser can be supported by practical cases. Laser therapy was used with the aim of relieving a 5-year-old showjumping horse from its symptoms.

The animal showed clear symptoms when subjected to stress – after about 20 minutes of training, it began to stumble over its right front hand. Cantering over the right side was hardly possible. Muscle palpation revealed increased tone on the right side . Since the symptoms did not subside, a thermal image of the horse was taken.

Diagnosis and treatment of circulatory disorders with impulse diode therapy laser

Thermography showed a drastic temperature difference between the show jumper’s front legs . Significantly less thermal radiation emanated from the right front leg – a clear sign of circulatory disorders. The muscle tissue of the affected limb was obviously severely undersupplied.

In the search for the cause, the pulse diode therapy laser was used as an instrument for RAC pulse diagnostics . The pulse check pointed to sources of interference in the neck and pelvic area of the animal. It was decided to carry out the treatment non-invasively using laser acupuncture with the impulse diode therapy laser. The laser therapy was additionally accompanied by osteopathic and physiotherapeutic measures .

After just two days , the symptoms had significantly reduced. After a week , the complaints had disappeared to such an extent that stumbling no longer occurred. The progress of the treatment was documented by further thermographs. After a treatment period of two weeks , the blood flow in the right front leg was almost completely identical to that of the symptom-free left front leg.

The success of the treatment indicates that laser therapy can help to eliminate circulatory disorders. At the very least, it should be considered as an adjunct to traditional methods such as physical therapy. The impulse diode therapy laser works with energetic light, the impulses of which can penetrate deep into the tissue. This method is harmless, painless and does not put any strain on the horse.

Durchblutungsstörung beim Pferd per Lasertherapie behandel

fig 1: Frontal thermal image: There is a clear temperature difference between the right and left front leg

Durchblutungsstörung beim Pferd per Lasertherapie behandel

fig 2: Thermal image from the side. Here, too, a heat difference is visible.

Durchblutungsstörung beim Pferd per Lasertherapie behandel

fig 3: Control picture 1 week after treatment: Both legs are evenly supplied with blood. No more discernible difference.

Durchblutungsstörung beim Pferd per Lasertherapie behandel

fig 4: No difference from the 2nd perspective either

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